Repairs of antique handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

 Public Notice

Handgun Repair Shop has closed.


 We moved our residence to another state in early November 2016, downsizing for our retirement years. Moving the FFL business license to another state is much more complicated, so Handgun Repair Shop was closed prior to the move.

I am not accepting any new repair orders at this time. Customers who had repair orders on the waiting list were contacted, and repair orders were shipped back to their owners prior to closing up the shop. A very few customers who had sent antique (pre-1898) firearms asked me to keep their repair orders on the waiting list for when I would rebuild my workshop at the new location.

Work is underway to setup the new workshop. Insulating and interior finishing the workshop building is complete. Getting the machinery installed, and workbenches built and installed should be completed in the next month or so.

The customer demand I experienced in the 18 years I operated Handgun Repair Shop was 95% repairs of antique pre-1898 firearms. My intention in re-opening my workshop will be to only work on antique pre-1898 firearms.

Check this website later in 2017 for info on the new Antique Handgun Repair Shop at the new location.






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