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Antique Gun Parts

If you think you can fix it yourself if you can just find the parts... DO NOT CALL ME!!!!


I do not operate a gun parts supply business. I do not have antique gun parts in stock for sale. I will not order parts to sell to you. I do not have usable antique gun parts lying around in my shop. Any parts I do have lying around are broken or severely worn beyond repair.

However, in order to do my repair work I have found other businesses that are suppliers for Antique gun parts that are still available for some obsolete, out of production, and antique firearms. There are several gun parts supply companies that buy gun manufacturer's parts inventories when they discontinue a model, or close their business. These gun parts suppliers also buy antique guns, to strip them down and sell the used antique gun parts that are still in good condition.

There is enough interest in repairing antique hand guns and other antique firearms that after market manufacturers are producing new replacement gun parts for some of the most popular models. Most notable would be the more popular models from the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Wild West Cowboy eras.

Gun parts are easier to find for some of the most popular hardware store variety of antique guns because there were so many sold, and just the opposite is true for finding antique gun parts for lesser known, rare, imported, or custom built antique firearms.

If an original or replacement antique part can not be found I may be able to TIG weld and reshape the broken original part, fabricate the necessary gun part on the digital precision machinery in my shop, or modify a newer model gun part to fit and work. This type of gun part fabrication takes a considerable amount of time, so it is more expensive than purchasing original or replacement parts. This type of work will only be done on a materials plus labor basis, at a labor rate of $40.00 per hour for general gunsmithing and fitting, and $50.00 per hour for machine work and TIG welding, billed in 15 minute increments.

Antique gun parts should only be installed by a gunsmith. The computer controlled precision that we take for granted today did not exist when these antique parts were made. Antique guns were originally assembled from parts that started out too large to fit their intended location on the gun. An experienced and highly skilled person would then hand fit the over sized pieces until they operated as intended. Because of this hand fitting no two guns were exactly alike. There are critical measurements and clearances that must be checked by an experienced gunsmith before determining if an antique gun part will correctly and safely repair the antique firearm.

If you have an antique firearm in need of repair please contact Douglas E. Bates at,

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